The name “lehaha la malimo” literally means “the cave of cannibals.” The place is home to one of the most beautiful caves found in the country. There is a deeply held belief amongst the villagers that this cave used to be inhabited by cannibals, perhaps during the time of the Great War called Lifaqane or Mfecane that raged throughout the Southern Africa (in the period between 1815 and about 1840). There are two possibilities behind this widely held belief. Either there were indeed cannibals in this place, as the country did have some cannibals in the same district in those early days (Shano). Perhaps, the existence of the cannibals was passed on by oral tradition as was the custom. On the other hand, it is possible that the villagers are simply relating this cave to another cave found in the area called Malimong (the place of cannibals) in the same district.

Historical narrative has it that it was in the Malimong area that the grandfather of the great King Moshoeshoe I was captured and eaten by the cannibals (Shano). This incident is well documented in history books. The cannibals supposedly lived in the caves found in the Malimong area. Without recorded details and in the absence of eyewitnesses or any archaeological evidence, it is nearly impossible to verify the claim that Ha ‘Mamathe cave was inhabited by cannibals. However, the shaky historical narrative of the cannibals does not overshadow the majestic appearance of this natural phenomenon